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CHALK Preschool
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About Us

Which preschool will fit your child?

Which teaching philosophy is best for them?

What kind of learner is your child?

Why limit what they are exposed to during this crucial growing time?

Let us help you discover your child’s strengths as they navigate the world around them with the kid-tested, parent-approved CHALK approach that we call “Beyond the Classroom”


CHALK preschool is designed to spark curiosity and a love for learning.

We encourage each child to explore their interests and express themselves, all while instilling a positive appreciation for a structured school setting. Creating a foundation for a happier, kinder, and more well-rounded child by promoting community, helping others, and working together, because those are the essential values of responsible humans.


Since 2004, CHALK has successfully combined educational philosophies to provide a well-balanced curriculum. Our Beyond the Classroom approach is a theme-based, traditional, and emergent concept that engages all of our students…helping the reserved child feel more confident in real-life situations and keeping the busy body moving while learning.

Developmentally appropriate practices are implemented by our highly qualified teachers allowing them to meet the needs of every child, physically, cognitively, socially, and emotionally. These practices build self-esteem and confidence while focusing on daily life skills and good decision-making.

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Curriculum Highlights

Our curated Beyond the Classroom approach will provide your child with hands-on experiences with monthly themes woven throughout their day. Lesson plans are based on innovative simulated learning scenarios that incorporate literacy, math, science, art, and music. Our “on the go” approach to learning exposes children to experiences they may not typically seek out. Activities will cater to the different types of learning styles for preschoolers and allow them to make connections to everyday situations achieving their developmental goals. During unstructured free play, teachers continue to make connections by recognizing “teachable moments” to emphasize learning in action.

Communication between family and teacher is encouraged so we can work together to meet the needs of every student. We provide bi-yearly evaluations based on California standards and annual parent-teacher conferences. Knowledge is power and knowing what works for your little one and how to continue supporting their learning journey is important to all of us.

Kids Learning at a Preschool


  • Simulated learning: instructional scenarios where the learner is placed in a "world" defined by the teacher to represent a reality within which students interact.
  • Expanded lessons to build cognitive and creative thinking skills
  • Focus on Daily Life Skills Educating kids for real-life situations
  • Learning centers connecting real-world scenarios and academic learning
  • Creative free-play time for personal decision-making and imagination
  • Free-form gross motor playtime for big energy and LOUD voices
  • My Gym healthy lifestyle and large motor intelligence and agility lessons

Developing life skills for in and out of the classroom

  • Critical thinking on the go
  • Being busy and making good decisions
  • Conversational skills
  • Planning and time management
  • Appreciation for nature and where things come from
  • Nutrition & well-being
  • Patience
  • Community-mindedness (how to do your part)
  • Creativity & self-expression
  • Independence (toileting, getting dressed, cleaning up, etc.)
  • Feeling a sense of responsibility for belongings

My Gym

CHALK's commitment to providing the most well-rounded educational experience possible includes an exclusive collaboration with the world-renowned My Gym company. Our partnership with My Gym is designed to enhance our students’ gross motor development and utilizing their healthy lifestyle curriculum introduces our students to taking care of themselves.


CHALK Preschools highly skilled teachers hold, at minimum, a Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Development or a related field. They receive continuing education and training to promote ongoing professional development. The staff regularly communicates sharing ideas and strategies which promotes respect and a sense of camaraderie.