CHALK Preschool
CHALK Preschool
Young child Painting on a Wall
Child Smiling at a Preschool


Kids Drawing Together


Kids Drawing at a Preschool


Happy Child Playing with Toys at a Preschool

Let us help you discover your child’s strengths as they navigate the world
around them with the kid-tested, parent-approved CHALK approach that we call “Beyond the Classroom”

CHALK preschool is designed to spark curiosity and a love for learning. We encourage each child
to explore their interests and express themselves, all while instilling a positive appreciation for a
structured school setting. Creating a foundation for a happier, kinder, and more well-rounded child by
promoting community, helping others, and working together, because those are the essential values of
responsible humans.


Children are encouraged and nurtured through academics and play to amplify their creativity.


Muli-sensory learning encourages outside-of-the-box processing using tools, mediums
and child’s desire to learn.


Personal expression and exploration with various mediums, techniques and styles.


Acquiring new understanding, skills, behaviors, and values through experience and a learn by doing approach.


Establishing a foundation for how a child will learn and achieve in school now and through their futur eendeavors.